Creating a Global Advisory Panel to inform and evaluate new product development
Client wanted to define and develop a drug delivery device whose appearance and function would be appropriate and readily approved for all patients worldwide.
Established a panel of expert advisors in key markets with a twofold charge: first, to help map current practices, concerns and competitive devices, then provide regular inputs to the development team on each iteration of the work-in-progress.


CharlesGroup led the effort in identifying and recruiting an international advisory panel to review and critique each new device iteration as it was developed. Managed the entire global communication process between advisory panel and developers.

Key markets: US, Europe, Japan.

This work revealed important cultural differences and how they impact perceptions of device attributes such as size, weight, shape, and functionality. We compared these perceptions to those of competitive devices in each market. The customer insights not only led to a better design; they accelerated and streamlined the development process, as developers were able to focus by priority, as revealed by customers themselves.

The result?

A device that was highly informed by each key market. This increased the client confidence in the final design and how it would successfully navigate market acceptance in a crowded field.