Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard wanted to explore just how its inkjet technology might be adapted to address needs in healthcare.
CharlesGroup helped HP understand the therapeutic landscape in two key markets. We generated unique device concepts derived directly from Hewlett Packard technology, and then designed and fielded studies which were key in informing marketing and product development efforts.

Hewlett Packard

Innovation via novel technology application

Commercial scale manufacturing can be one of the most challenging aspects of the pharmaceutical business, especially when it comes to new products. It’s one thing to make limited lots in a lab or a small-scale clinical production facility. It’s another to make product in the hundreds of millions, and meet the strict performance requirements regulatory agencies demand of medical devices.

HP is arguably one of the best companies in the world at making a device in the tens of millions, whose reliability is predictable: the ink-jet cartridge. So, how do you apply this manufacturing expertise to the needs of drug delivery?

CharlesGroup first helped HP select two pilot markets. We then worked with HP engineers to create concepts of how their Inkjet technology could be adapted to meet the performance requirements for a drug delivery device. CharlesGroup then designed and fielded studies in which we went into the hospital environments, observed care regimens, interviewed the individuals in the chain of care including technicians, nurses, shift heads and department heads, and got their feedback to the new concepts.

By the end of three months, CharlesGroup helped HP select two therapeutic areas, generated realistic concepts, and conducted research with the concepts in those areas, providing vital data to HP senior management as it made key decisions about its long-term business strategy.