Providing the right product development support, at the right time.
Meet the myriad agency requirements in study design, approval and fielding, while generating meaningful data in a timely and efficient manner
Leverage experience, technology and creative thinking to generate uniquely appropriate methods to get good data quickly.



Providing the right support to product development, at the right time.

For years CharlesGroup has supported various teams at Nektar in the areas of product design, package design and product development research.

Our packaging efforts include; drafting of the product requirements. Package specification and initial sample procurement, user and shipping testing, all the way through vendor evaluation, production run supervision and batch approval.

Our research efforts have included; IRB controlled Human Factors evaluative studies with medical professionals. IDI’s, Focus groups. Qualitative studies with patient subjects. Our professionals listen to patients and customers with a different set of ears. They produce insights and synthesize information in a way most investigators do not.

Our understanding of the clients’ technology, the therapeutic area in which they want to introduce it, and the agency requirements for study design, approval and fielding, enables us to design thorough, efficient programs which produce the data and the outcomes Nektar requires.

Our reporting keeps the product user at the front and center of each study, so that product engineers can leverage opportunities to make the technology produce an optimal patient experience.